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LES ROUGES REPORT: An Occasional Update on Canadian Soccer

July 8, 2010


An Occasional Update on Canadian Soccer


Canada will not attempt to host the World Cup until at least 2034, according to the Canadian Soccer Association.

“Canada has great organizational ability to host a FIFA men’s World Cup, as it has for a Summer Olympics and two Winter Olympics, so certainly, from a Canadian perspective, we would be great hosts for a men’s World Cup,” said the CSA’s general secretary Peter Montopoli, who cited a number of concerns that would have to be addressed before the tournament could be even considered, including the proper time frame. “We would have to wait for our turn,”

The United States has put in a bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup and, if successful, the tournament would not likely return to North America for decades.

Montopoli also stated finance, infrastructure and national team performance as key areas that would have to be improved upon.

Stadium requirements would also have to be met, and the CSA would need a minimum of 10 world-class facilities capable of holding (more…)

2010 WORLD CUP – The United States will Certainly Entertain – Scrappiness is the Key to the teams World Cup Ambitions

May 29, 2010

The United States will entertain – Scrappiness is the Key to the teams World Cup Ambitions

The World Soccer Community will be able to count on one thing from the United States this summer at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa; entertainment.

The United States national team possesses one key soccer attribute, and attribute that is unlikely to lift the World Cup come July 11, but one that will thrill fans and neutrals alike; they are scrappy. For a fan, it is my least favorite attribute as it can only lead to frustration as one watches their team struggle, dodge and survive, but at the same time it is a quality that can put a team in a position to do just that, survive.

A fan wants his or her team to be the Superman of the sport. Indestructible, fluid and unfazed. A team that will win 2-0 against most teams in (more…)