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April 22, 2010


To play an MLS match on National TV at the home of the league’s worst attended team is bad thing to do. Many empty seats in the forecast. That this match falls on a Thursday Night, makes it worse. The most frightening thing about this tie is that it is in HD.  My guess is that we will get see just how many people “…are not spectators” as the FC Dallas marketing pitch tells us.

That complaint aside, I am looking forward to an interesting match for Thursday Night Football.

Seattle is constantly being touted as the best in the West and yet what have they done to back that up this season? Whipping an expansion team at home in the season opener and getting a last gasp winner by a late substitute who is on no one’s fantasy roster (which is just down right frustrating) is no kind of way to throw down the Western Conference Gauntlet.

I know it is still early in the season, and I don’t do Power Rankings and all that, but bear with me. I put Seattle behind LA, RSL and Houston in the West right now.  All those teams have proven they can beat good sides on tough days.

Having said that there are the four other teams in the West; the bottom four, as it were.  What can we make of those teams? Enigma’s all, Chivas USA seems lost, San Jose seems bi-polar and Colorado seems consistently average.

Finally we come to FC Dallas, which team do we have in the early stages of 2010? Are they the team that looked like they were going to challenge New York for worst in the league during the early stages of 2009 or are they the team that rocketed up from the league cellar and just missed the playoffs at the end of last season?

Does FCD really look that bad this season? They are doing the right things on the pitch; Jeff Cunningham who is tied for the league lead in shots, but has only one PK goal. The service out of the midfield is there for the Texas XI, and it is possible they are more than they seem. Two draws against two of the leagues best sides in Houston and Columbus and a loss to New York at Red Bull Arena by one goal.

This game, if we are lucky, will go a long way in telling us which of these teams is what they seem and which is a pretender. Then again we are not so lucky and this match could just postpone the answer to those questions by giving us a 0-0 or a listless 1-1.

Let us make that my prediction then, yawn, hoping that I will be wrong and one of these sides will post a 4-2 win and re-introduce themselves to the league as a serious challenge.


FC DALLAS: David Ferreira will get space and if Dallas is to be successful, he will get assists.

SEATTLE SOUNDERS: Steve Zakuani, overdue for a goal or two.

FANTASY X FACTOR: Jeff Cunningham. He may break through tonight and lord know he’ll be shooting.