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SOCCER ON THE BOX: Soccer on TV this Weekend

May 28, 2010

SOCCER ON THE BOX: Soccer on TV this Weekend

Tons of World Cup tune-ups on the box this weekend, but don’t bother looking for the Ireland v Algeria match on the ‘ol Box, because you won’t find it.

Why didn’t any network pay for the rights to show American fans a rare glimpse an unknown Group C team? Plus, I just want to see Ireland play, stupid Thierry Henry. Very frustrating.

Other tune-ups include the US v Turkey on Saturday in a match that not only will be the last on American soil until after the World Cup, but it will be the first time we might see the United States play at ‘Fully Armed and Operational’ levels.


SOCCER ON THE BOX: Soccer on TV this Weekend

May 22, 2010

SOCCER ON THE BOX: Soccer on TV this Weekend

It’s really a can’t miss weekend on the box. MLS Week 9, Summer Friendlies, International Friendlies, the 2nd Leg of Mexican League Final.

Oh, and did I mention the 2010 Champions League Final featuring Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan up against Bayern Munich, managed by the ‘Special One’s’ former mentor, Louis Van Gaal’s. There is no shortage of drama surrounding this Final, taking place on a Saturday for the first time in the history of the competition. It really is must see TV for any fan of the game, and a (more…)

SUMMER FRIENDLY UPDATE: Fox Soccer Channel to air Red Bull v Juventus

May 18, 2010

SUMMER FRIENDLY UPDATE: Fox Soccer Channel to air Red Bull v Juventus

Fox Soccer Channel will air New York Red Bull v Juventus live this Sunday, May 23 at 1:00pm ET.

The match is the first of the 2010 Summer Friendlies to be broadcast and highlights a bust weekend at Red Bull Arena, which hosts Turkey and the Czech Republic on Saturday, May 22 at 12:30pm ET. that match, a rematch of the EURO 2008 battle that saw Turkey eliminate the Czechs. The International will also be aired on the Fox family, premiering on delay on Fox Soccer Plus at 6pm ET

Juventus, who finished in 7th in Serie A this season, will have a roster that features Major League Soccer Designated Player targets Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet and Diego.

The complete Juventus roster will be posted later today.


May 7, 2010


The Premiership comes to a close on Sunday, and barring some kind of disaster for Chelsea, the title will go to the Blues. Tottenham has locked up 4th place and the final Champions League spot and can even seize 3rd place from Arsenal with a win on Sunday and a Gunner loss at Europa Cup Finalists Fulham at the Emirates. The rest of the drama has been sorted, even the relegation battles.

More exciting is the Championship Promotion Playoffs, the 1st Legs of which take place this weekend.  Frustratingly the Sunday match between Leicester City and Cardiff City doesn’t seem to be available to watch anywhere in the States (If I find out any information regarding this I will post it as soon as possible). The Saturday match featuring Blackpool hosting Nottingham Forest will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus, and if you can watch it, I wholeheartedly recommend doing just that. I strongly believe that the promotion playoffs are the last remnants of truly English Football, something that gets lost in the Premier League.  The playoffs are always entertaining for the neutral and nerve-racking for the fan of any club involved. The prize? Playing in the most entertaining, powerful, lucrative and renowned leagues on the planet, in any sport.

There is a shinny trophy and a truck-load of cash too.



April 30, 2010


Another full slate of eight MLS matches on one day. Who would have thought that back in 1996? Quite a few fascinating fixtures in store for the MLS viewer this week, which is must see TV?

Can Seattle-Columbus be an MLS Cup Preview? Chicago-Chivas and Houston-Kansas City could also be fun.

Virtually every European League is involved in a tight race at the top, there really is no one fixture that stands out above the rest, but for those of you that get Fox Soccer Channel Plus, don’t miss Liverpool-Chelsea on Sunday. Can Liverpool at least play the role of spoiler without bungling it? Man City-Aston Villa could have something to say about the final Champions League spot.

In Mexico, the Playoffs begin this weekend, so… um… yeah, you’re right, just tune in for the Final in a few weeks. No. I kid. Check the Morelia-Chivas for some high-fouling fun and speaking of fouls. Twenty-two year old American Jose Francisco Torres will be on display for Pachuca versus Monterrey. Torres and Pachuca have just won their third CONCACAF Crown in four years. You may as well watch, someone has to and it’s not likely to be Bob Bradley (zing!).