TV numbers in the United States continue to be massive for the World Cup broadcasts on ESPN, ABC and Univision, as well as on the internet.

The United States last minute win over Algeria on Wednesday was viewed by an average of 6.12 million people on ESPN. That is the largest ever audience for a soccer match on the ESPN networks. Combined with the Spanish language numbers from Univision it hits 8.32 million.

Through Wednesday, Univision is averaging 1.98 million viewers a game, up 6 percent from 2006.

Thursday’s Mexico-France game was the Spanish-language network’s most-watched match, with 5.8 million viewers.

5.2 million viewers saw ESPN’s broadcast of the United States-Slovenia game on Friday and the United States-England game June 12 drew 12.9 million viewers on ABC.

The numbers through Wednesday are impressive. 2.6 million viewers on average per game saw the World Cup on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC, up from 1.8 million for the 2006 edition of the tournament in Germany.

Overall the ratings for the World Cup have hit a 16-year high and are only likely to increase with both Mexico and the United States advancing to the Round of 16.

Online, the benchmark continues to rise for ESPN3 as the United States-Algeria was viewed by nearly 1.1 million unique viewers on the broadband network, the largest audience in the US ever for a sports event on the Web. The average user spent 43 minutes watching the game online.

Traffic on the internet spiked to 11.2 million visitors per minute, in what may have been the single biggest driver of Internet traffic ever. The spike eclipsed the 2008 US Presidential election as measured by the viewers per minute metric.

On Twitter, the number of World Cup-related tweets spiked from about 5,000 to about 45,000 at noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, in the minutes after Landon Donovan’s goal and England’s win over Slovenia.

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