Our man in the Pacific Northwest gives us his occasional opinions on the football world. Today’s take is on the World Cup, four days in…


Mike Mulvihill

Here’s my take on the World Cup, so far –

·         Still getting used to waking up at 4:30 – now going to bed at 9:30 to see if that makes it easier.

·         Seen most of all games…even watching at work via this web site… http://www.channelsurfing.net

·         Just an opinion but the ESPN radio crew is really good. SHEP Messing is very loud like he’s got the mic halfway down his throat but the play by play man is really good (can’t find his name)

Opinions So Far:

o   Group A: France sux, Uruguay could/should have won. Would have loved SA to beat Mexico and they probably should have. Blanco still can place a ball on a guys’ foot 50 yds on a dead run. He is so underappreciated it’s sick.

o   Group B: So. Korea the most impressive (non-German) side so far. That was a pure-out beat down. Greece is awful – how’d they win the Euro Championship I’ll never know. Everyone thinks that ARG dominated. I think they looked like the Sounders (overrated)…make the goalie look great by kicking the ball right to him and missing a tone of shots. Nigeria second biggest disappoint of the week-end yet they almost ended with a tie. Go fig.

o   Group C: As I told you the real games start now for both the US and Eng. If the US can’t get 2 wins then they actually suck. ALG and SLV was a dull game and neither team looked good. Both should go down in flames. ENG looks so tight that they can’t be having any fun. I had them a final 4 team – now I’m not so sure. Right now they are their own worse enemies – it won’t surprise me to hear that they start fighting with each other before this over…reminds of France in 2002.

o   Group D: Germany is a machine…’nuff said. Although you have to love a coach that says our goal is to crush the group play. By far the most impressive game – remind me to tell you my theory of why the Germans do so well. It’s a very baseball American thing. Serbia and Ghana looked almost exactly like the Algeria vs. Slovenia game – in fact I bet if you didn’t know the teams you’d swear it was the same game. I’d love the US to win the group to play the second place team from this group.

o   Group E: Was disappointed in the Dutch for the first 70 minutes – they seemed like the game was in slow motion and they had the US disease of not making the last pass connect. When Eljerio Elia came on the game totally changed – he was like everything the Dutch should be. It was the best 20 minutes of soccer in the tourney when he came on. I hope they do well – the world could use a Dutch WC win. The most exciting non-US game so far was the JPN-CAM game – it was actually fun to watch. I would hope JPN would have pushed forward more in the second half. It seemed like JPN was the US a few WCs back. More happy they scored than they could win. And I really like Honda (both the cars and the guy). Outside of SA the African teams seem so tight – it’s almost painful to watch.

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