SHORT CORNERS: Man U Belittles Fan Movements, 3 Yanks at Pachuca?, More…



Manchester United chief executive David Gill denied the club is for sale at gives no credence to the either the Red Knights or the ‘Green and Gold’ movement.

These statements come amid persistent rumors that fan-run group Red Knights are close to a take over. The Glazers, owners of United since 2005, have regularly denied that they are accepting bids for the club.

The fan driven ‘Green and Gold’ movement, designed to oust the Glazer family, is a vocal collection of United supporters that sport the green and gold scarves to link Manchester United with the club’s Nineteenth Century birth as Newton Heath.

“The green and gold campaign and the momentum behind that can get a bit tiring,” Gill told The Independent. “We understand people’s desire to protest and I think it is a minority. Would we prefer not to have them [the green and gold scarves]? Yes. They have a right to protest.”

“A lot of the fans clearly care about the club and that is a strength. But a lot of the other fans want to know that the team is playing attractive football, exciting Manchester United-style football, winning football. Who owns it [the club] is a bit irrelevant to them.  I think that [the Green and Gold] minority will go away. A lot of people understand what it means but a lot of them don’t.”

Gill also attempted to discredit the Red Knights group, saying their attempts are wasted and doomed to fail.

“It [the Red Knights takeover bid] is not an easy model when you get all those people to sign up,” he said. “There are different levels of investment. To then say, ‘we are going to involve the fans’? It is not easy.” Gill said “Also the people involved clearly have an ego about them and when people have that sort of money they want to be involved in decision-making.


US Soccer fans were delighted by the rise of Herculez Gomez this past spring. His Golden Boot performance for Mexican League minnows Puebla, earned him some press and a groundswell movement to have him included in the US National Teams 23-man roster for the 2010 World Cup.

Gomez’s goal scoring got him a ticket to South Africa, it also secured a move for the Las Vegas born striker to Mexican powerhouse Pachuca.

Pachuca, already home to US International Jose Francisco Torres, suddenly became most US fans favorite Mexican team.

Now comes the story that Mexican side Juarez Indios is set to loan out American Marco Vidal to Pachuca.  The 24-year-old Vidal has been at various Mexican youth teams before putting in 30 appearances for Indios in his three years there. Now relegated, the Juarez side is looking to loan the Dallas Texas resident to Pachuca.

Three Americans on the roster of one if the most successful Mexican clubs is certainly something to look forward to.


The U.S. men’s national team is scheduled to play Brazil at the New Meadowlands on August 10 in its first match following the 2010 World Cup.

The match is scheduled on an official FIFA date, so there is a chance both the full line-ups of both teams will be called in for the match.

Though the match will be the first time either Brazil or the United States play at New Medowlands, it will be the fourth time in three years the two teams have tangled, including two meetings in last summers Confederations Cup.


French Football had some good news on Friday as France was awarded the 2016 European Championships in a vote by UEFA.  Now fans of French football have something to look forward to on the horizon, something that Les Blues and it’s fans have not had in a long time. The organizers were hoping for just such a result to lift French spirits above the seemingly constant dark mood surrounding the game in France.

“We will do our best so a sporting spirit prevails, so that French people see something else than the crisis’ gloom, it is important,” sports junior minister Rama Yade told Reuters.

Cynicism and controversy seem to be regular associates of the French Football Federation over the last few years. Controversial squad selections, scandals, underachievement and, of course the infamous hand ball, have permeated the sports pages in France, while at the same time French team Lyon advanced further in the Champions League than any French team in a generation.

France has hosted the World Cup in 1998 and previously hosted the European Championships in 1984 and won both of those tournaments. Most of the stadiums that were used in the 1998 World Cup will be used and renovated for the 2016 tournament, with only four new stadiums to be constructed.

The French Football Federation, who beat out Turkey and Italy for the rights to host the tournament, are counting on an economic jolt from the tournament and have committed to that investment for building and renovating existing stadiums.

“There will also be economical repercussions because to build four stadiums, renovate eight, you need the building trade, the businesses.”

The 2012 European Championships are to be held in Poland and Ukraine.

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