Snakebitten. Thats FC Dallas in 2010. They have yet to win and have some bad fortune and even when they lay it on thick, as they did last week against a nine-man New England Revolution side, they can’t quite seem to break through to the positive. This will either end tonight or get worse.  It can’t help the feeling in the locker room that Dallas has never won in Houston in any competition.

Still it could be worse for the hoops, they have managed to score a goal in every match this season. they are a better team than their record would indicate and it seems only a matter of time before they start to click. Last season they came on late in the season and surprised everyone with their face paced play. Every week I feel like they are about to break through into the team they look like on paper but it doesn’t happen. If it was going to happen, I’m not sure it happen on a Wednesday night in a Stadium they have never one in, against one of the leagues toughest teams, but what do i know?

Houston has had some bad fortune of there own, losing the heart of their midfield in the off-season and then loosing the replacement for that heart in the form of a Geoff Cameron season ending injury, yet they keep playing on and getting results. Moving Brad Davis inside with Lovel Palmer helped make up for the loss and that move coupled with Brian Mullan on the wing really pushed a good Kansas City side off the park.

Luis Angel Landin seemed to become what he supposed to be last week as well, and his involvement in the match created lots of space for Dominic Oduro. Positive signs. If all of this clicks again Wednesday night, there is nothing FC Dallas will be able to do to contain it.

Here are some questions for the scheduling guru’s… Why is the 2nd and final installment of the 2010 Texas Derby being played in week 7 of a 30+ week season? Why was the first leg played on Opening Weekend and the second leg on a Wednesday and neither leg on English Language national TV? For a league that is hell bent on creating some natural and geographic rivalries in smaller towns with smaller TV audiences, there seems to be absolutely no interest in this one natural and geographic rivalry between two of the biggest cities in the United States, with TV markets to match. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

All besides the point, I see Houston running out 3-1 in this one and keeping the big cannon or whatever it is at Robertson Stadium.


HOUSTON: Domenic Oduro. The more involved Landin is, the better Oduro will play. If this guys gets any space, he’ll get a brace.

DALLAS: Atiba Harris. He had a belter against Houston in Week 1 and he is playing to prove he deserves to be in the starting XI for FCD.

FANTASY X-FACTOR: Brad Davis. He won’t be able to make those crosses from the wing for assists while playing inside, but he will be able to pounce on rebounds. Oh, and he’ll still take the corners and PK’s. PS – Sammy Appiah is my honorable mention in the X-Factor catagory.

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  1. Kaffieen Says:

    Agree. Houston so far look like they can overcome the obstacles (Cameron out, Holden and Clark gone). Davis surprised me with his inside play, and I think he may be able to work out there.

    Dallas still might eventually become the team they should be on paper…but not this Wed. I will however say that if Jeff Cunningham starts scoring during the run of play then Dallas is on its way.


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