Week 6 is done and dusted and there is no change in the top two in the Chicago Football League table. League leaders Kaffieen FC extended their lead at the top of the table to 19 points, but an impressive performance by Waterford “The Blues” (an odd re-branding of perennial losers Waterford United) not only put them in striking distance of Chicago Inferno in second place, but also garnered team boss John O’Mahoney the Week 6 Manager of the Week award.

The award, the only thing Waterford has ever put in it’s dusty trophy cabinet, is a reward for playing the big hitters. Buddle, Donovan and De Rosario all graced the Waterford team and are all among the leading point getters. It is a team, however, built for the moment as O’Mahoney’s side has 4, count’em FOUR, goalkeepers on his team (Two of them on the Columbus Crew, no less). A strategy based on Phil Jackson’s four headed monster idea, hatched in the 90’s with the Chicago Bulls. Crazy like a fox, no doubt about it.

Edson Buddle’s impossible run of form continues and his 2 goal-1 assist performance garners him the Player of the Week honors again.

Buddle continues to make regular appearances in the All-MFLS Team, and the Week 6 XI is no different. Three players each for LA, Houston and Salt Lake and two from New York; who says this league is all about parity?

Many questions abound as we get closer to the World Cup and are faced with a Week 7 that features 11 matches, including four on Wednesday.

What will happen to Buddle when Donovan disappears into the US National Team camp gathering later this month in Princeton New Jersey? Can he continue to score and provide at the pace he is at now? Buddle still has an outside chance of getting the call-up for that camp, what affects would that have on the Fantasy rosters of our fair league? Let us investigate…


It is clear that the 2010 Season is going to be divided into three, quite distinctive sections. The current mini-season, if you will, is the pre-World Cup season, where we have the availability of everyone healthy at out disposal.

Coming soon will be the World Cup section of the season, where we will have to make adjustments to our rosters to accommodate those departing for National Team camp.  Mostly domestic players, mind you, but significant players nonetheless.

The third and most crucial period is the Post-World Cup period. This section will not only feature the return of many National Team stars to the fold, but that return will also be accompanied by a bounty of foreign imports, the likes of which Major League Soccer has never seen.

Whichever managers can balance these three short seasons, and additionally have the transfers left and can pick the cream of this crop of this import bonanza will be the managers that challenge for the title come November.

Suffice it to say that the big-name imports will not always be the big-point imports. We shall see what we shall see.

Good luck and remember that the deadline for this weeks changes is Wednesday at 6:30pm ET.

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